Q: Does Octoparse Provide an Invoice?

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When you purchase a subscription plan or pay for our extraction services, we will provide an electronic invoice for your purchase after your payment method has successfully been charged.

An Octoparse invoice is a PDF document that related to a sale transaction and issued to our paying users before making a payment, providing the details of the items purchased.

Note: If you need to pay by invoice, please contact us via support@octoparse.com.

The first time you get an invoice, you need to fill in your billing information under the ‘Billing Settings’ tab. Once you have entered all of the information required, double check that the information you entered is correct, and click Submit.


The billing information is available for all invoices. You can edit the billing settings to update your information.

You can find an invoice for your payment from your account page, under the ‘Transaction’ tab . You cannot download the PDF invoice but print it.


1. Go to your account page.

2. Select the ‘Transaction’ tab found on the left side of the page.

3. Click the Order number of your transaction, and its invoice will pop up.

4. Click on the Print button to print the invoice.


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