Looping Issue: How to resolve if a task can't return to the list page?

The updated version of this tutorial (based on the latest webpage) is available now. Go to have a check here! 


Many users have encountered such a problem that Octoparse only clicks the first link in a loop list on every page. Usually, it is because Octoparse can not return to the list page to click the following links.

There are two ways to resolve it.

1. Choose to open the link in a new tab

Check if the option "Open the link in new tab" is ticked. If not, Octoparse would not be able to return to the list page as it needs to identify a new page.

Note that you will need to configurate the steps below Click Item to make sure Octoparse would extract data from the new page.

2. Extract all the links first and then set up another task to go to those links

It is possible that even you choose to open the link in a new tab, Octoparse still only clicks the first item only due to some compatible issue. If this is the case, you will have to split the task into two, one to get all the links and the other to extract data from those links.

Check this tutorial to see how to do it: Scraping Product Detail Pages from eBay.com

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