Q: What if “Loop click element” can’t be detected when clicking the “Next Page” button?

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You want to get data from multiple pages using Octoparse Pagination, but when you click the 'Next Page' link, you couldn't find the "Loop click the element" option in the pop-up window.

Sometimes Octoparse may not automatically select the target area.

In this case, you can click the “Expand the selection area” button that is near the top right-hand corner and observe the selected area on the web page. Keep clicking the button until the target area/the "Loop click the element" option appears in the pop-up window.

(Note: the selected area will be highlighted in a dashed line box on the web page. See the GIF file below.)


Most often, the "Loop click the element" option would appear with one click.

After you choose the "Loop click the element" option, a “Click to paginate” action along with the “Loop” action will be created in the workflow automatically. 

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