Types of Websites You Could Scrape with Octoparse

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Sample inquiries from our users:


We have 200+ vendor websites from there we want product information on our website. Could your product do this?



I am considering your product for my real-time lead statistics data extraction from few different dashboards.
Basically I need to scrape few metrics from website that update automatically without refreshing the page.
And extract them through API. Is it possible to do with your product? And do you provide any support?



I want to scrap 200+ different online websites/retailers in men’s fashion. I want to pull product data like price, images, product names, etc. The number of products I want to pull would be over 500,000+ from these retailers I want the web scraper to constantly be checking these sites (e.g. once every 12 hours). The products will be pulled to a site similar to xxxxxx.com above.

My questions are:
· Does your scrapper offer the ability to this type of web scraping at this scale?

· If so, what would be the cost to do this?



I want to download Facebook users' data who comment and share their posts from my competitor. I want this data to be then exported out in .csv file.




Thank you for supporting Octoparse! 

Referring to these inquiries: 

1) Octoparse is able to crawl the information you need, but you need to make a scraping task to tell Octoparse to scrape data you want. 

2) Crawlers run in Octoparse are determined by the scraping tasks. 
The scraping task would tell Octoparse: which website is to be open; where is the data you plan to crawl; what kind of data you want, etc. 
You need to tell Octoparse where the data is by making a scraping task.

3) After you've configured a scraping task, you can either run it on your machine with Local Extraction(Free), or run it on our cloud platform with Cloud Extraction(Paid).

4) Octoparse is a freemium tool. The software itself is totally free. You can download it and learn how to use it to crawl any website with Basic Plan. (No credit card needed.)
The premium is charged for premium features like Cloud Service, API and such. We have a 5-day trial for the premium service. (Click HERE to request.)

5) If you want us to scrape data or create scraping tasks for you, we also have Enterprise Service that includes data collection service and crawler building service.


Check out our Case Tutorial to learn more about scraping web data.

6) We will do everything we can to ensure you’re getting the most value out of Octoparse. And our award-winning Customer Support team is here for you. 

Check out this article and contact us via FB User Club, leave us a message, or via support@octoparse.com


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