Q: How to Update My Payment Method?

The updated version of this tutorial (based on the latest webpage) is available now. Go to have a check here! 



Your credit card information will be saved at the time you made a purchase, mainly for recurring purchases.

In Octoparse, you can change the payment method that you're using to pay for a subscription or an extraction service. You can replace your credit card with a new credit one, or use PayPal for check out.


To change your payment method, please follow these steps.

1. Log into your account.

2. Click on the Change button of the Professional plan under the 'Payment Method' tab.


3. Enter the credit card information to replace the old one. You can use PayPal by clicking on the “PayPal Check out” button as well.


Or you can change the payment method after you select the subscription plan you want under the 'Subscription' tab.


NOTE: If your credit card is declined and thus we cannot process the payment, you may need to update your credit card information and immediately submit the payment by using the Upgrade button on the Subscription page. If you have any questions, please contact us via support@octoparse.com

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