Q: How to Upgrade to a Higher Paid Plan?

The updated version of this tutorial (based on the latest webpage) is available now. Go to have a check here!



Octoparse’s Professional plan enables you to extract large amounts of data with more cloud servers and more tasks/crawlers you can create in Octoparse. Go to our Pricing page and get more information about the features of our paid subscription plans


Types of Paid Subscription Plans

Subscription Plans







$900(Save 16%)

$1896(Save 16%)



Each subscription comes with choice of monthly or annually. This means that if you purchase a monthly subscription, the subscription period is one month; if you purchase an annually subscription, the subscription period is one year. 

The annual subscription are 16% cheaper than the monthly one, and the default subscription in Octoparse is set to the annual payment. Your annual subscription will start when you are charged successfully and your subscription will renew automatically, on an annually basis. So if you would like to choose a monthly subscription you need to manually select the "Price/month" option.

You can upgrade from your Standard subscription plan to a Professional subscription plan at any time in your account profile. And all changes will take effect immediately and you can restart your Octoparse Client to update your subscription plan.


To upgrade your plan, please follow these steps below.

1. Log into your account.

2. Click on the Upgrade button of the Professional plan under the 'Subscription' tab.


3. Choose the subscription type (monthly or annually) you want to purchase.

The default subscription plan is set to the annual subscription. If you would like the monthly term you can click on the "Price/month" option.

The price of the subscription plan you selected will be displayed accordingly.


4. Click on the Change button to change the payment options or directly click on the “Subscribe now” button using the credit card saved. You can use PayPal by clicking on the “PayPal Check out” button as well.




When your remaining payment amount is not enough to pay a Professional subscription plan (monthly or annually), you will need to pay the difference between the current and new subscription plan by paying additional money for your new subscription plan.

When your remaining payment amount exceeds the payment for a Professional subscription plan (monthly), we will divide your remaining payment amount by the price of the Professional subscription plan (monthly) per day, and get the number of days that you can use the Professional subscription plan.





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