Q: What kind of information can Octoparse extract from web pages?

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Generally, Octoparse can extract any visible data from web pages, including the data in source code.

We are dedicated to providing an easy-to-use tool for you and thus develop three modes to easily get web data in minutes - Wizard Mode, Advanced Mode and Smart Mode.

These three modes enable you to get the data from web pages without needing to code. Using these modes, Octoparse generates the rule automatically and what you need to do is to click the elements on the web pages.


For complex websites, you can modify the rules created by these modes in Workflow designer in the Advanced mode.

After you've done configuring the rule, Octoparse will do the rest.

However, one extraction rule only deal with one web page structure.

You can make the rules for your task or download the rules provided in our tutorials.

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