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“If I were to compare the time spent on doing this, like two years ago, when we have had to manually go to websites and look at every single article, we are now reducing the time spent on this workflow to around 1/4. Octoparse is the major help for the content team.”

—— Gyorgy Dorfi

Development Team, Dealogic Ltd

“I have my own script but I have a lot of problems with the captcha. When you try to get a lot of information from Amazon, Amazon blocks you, sends you to the captcha page. That's my main problem with my only script. But with Octoparse I can get information from Amazon without being blocked.”

—— an eCommerce entrepreneur in Santiago, Chile

“Prompt access to the pricing data we scrape from more than 20 retail liquor sites in Australia is pivotal to the success of our business and we are fortunate that Octoparse is totally in tune with our mission. We are not blessed with a dedicated IT team but Octoparse has always supported our rudimentary skills courteously and skillfully. We look forward to a long-term partnership.”

—— Mike Coomer

Managing Director, Marketing Synergy Pty Ltd

“We use it (Octoparse) just to grab data.... We looked at several companies previously to do that exact thing and we ended up liking you guys. The best out of all of them. It's just a matter of getting it to actually work, to do what we needed to do.”

—— Peter Erickson,

CEO of Blind Rivet Supply

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